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SEFFILINE TRAINING PLAN for the proper use of SEFFILLER® and SEFFIHAIR® medical devices

We have developed a complete training plan, thanks to the feedback of some doctors, to accompany the doctors who are interested in using this method to become part of the SEFFILINE world.

The BASIC COURSE, held via webinar, is essential for the purchase of SEFFILINE medical devices, which exploit the regenerative abilities of vascular-stromal cells (SVF) and mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs), naturally present in the adipose tissue: Seffiller® for anti-aging aesthetic therapy and Seffihair® to assist in the treatment of male and female androgenetic alopecia.

The INTERMEDIATE COURSE is an in-person session (for now only in Bologna). After having learned – in the theoretical part of the BASIC COURSE – the principles underlying autologous medicine and having become familiar with the components of our kits, the Aesthetic Doctor may attend a live treatment performed by Prof. Alessandro Gennai, creator of the method, in order to gain experience with the procedure, including the ‘tricks of the trade’.

The ADVANCED COURSE is intended for the aesthetic doctors who feel the need to be followed step by step in their first treatment with our devices. The Tutor will be present in video-conference throughout the procedure, while the Learner will be in his / her clinic with the Patient, connected with the earphones of his / her mobile phone, while an assistant will frame the operating field with a mobile phone.

You can register in the BASIC COURSE via the REGISTRATION link at the bottom of the course pdf, while for the INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED COURSES it is necessary to get in touch with the organizing secretariat: info@seffiline.com, tel. +39 051 0217454.