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The special guide enables physicians without any particular surgery skill,  to harvest the tissue in the correct plane, reducing the risk of injuries to muscles or deeper anatomical structures. Also the disposable kit reduces the risk of any kind of contamination

The physician is guided by this special device to harvest the tissue in the correct plane where a higher amount of ADSCs is to be found.  Moreover  the kit is “all-in-one” and provides the physician with all the required materials to harvest, prepare and inject the tissue.

The SEFFILLER® procedure is performed in a Medical Facility; it doesn’t require any device to aspirate or manipulate the tissue.The procedure is performed in local anesthesia and takes 25 minutes. 

SEFFILLER® is a disposable “all-in-one” kit for guided harvesting and autologous grafting of adipose tissue and stromal fraction (SVF) containing Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs)

The guide makes the harvesting procedure of adipose tissue easy, safe and standardized, in the correct subcutaneous plane

The special syringe with self-blocking plunger allows a simple, safe and effective tissue suction

The special harvesting cannula selects small cellular vascular clusters that need no further manipulation for grafting in the regenerative therapy